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"I would definitely recommend Bromelkamp Company because the staff is good at explaining things and being supportive. No matter who I'd be referring, I'd have confidence that Pearl would work out for them." - Merry O'Brien, Maryland Crime Victims' Resource Center

Our mission is to foster the work of grant makers through technology and advice that enables effectiveness and innovation. We've been accomplishing this for over 30 yearsOur vision is that our clients are free to focus on the mission of their own organizations because of us. 

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Welcome to Bromelkamp Company LLC!



Bromelkamp Academy 2014 Registration is now OPEN!

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Join us for the next generation of community foundation software! Community

With the fully integrated robust CRM, grants/scholarship management, fundraising/gift processing and fund accounting. You can work anywhere, anytime, even offline!

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From an online grant application to a grant that's paid - Never type the same thing twice.

We give our clients freedom to focus on their own goals and the work they enjoy. We provide fully integrated software solutions tailored for each installation, and we deliver our solutions with unparalleled customer service.



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