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To introduce Pearl's newest accounting feature, Karen Bromelkamp will present a FREE Pearl Learning Webinar,“Accruals--Grants Payable and Gifts Receivable," on Wednesday, March 24th at 1:00pm Central Time. The webinar will last 60 minutes (including a 20 minutes of Q&A).


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What you'll learn:
See a free demonstration of Pearl’s newest accounting feature: Accruals – Grants Payable and Gifts Receivable. Your financial reports will more accurately reflect activity once this feature has been implemented without the additional work of making separate journal entries.

Previously, approved grant awards and expected gift payments were not recognized in the general ledger by Pearl, as these transactions were not posted until the actual grant check was cut and gift check was received. With the new Grant Payable/Gifts Receivable feature your Pearl financial reports can reflect these types of commitments.
Grants Payable/Gifts Receivable:
Utilizing this new feature you can Expense a grant payment or record the Revenue for a pledge at the time the commitment to pay or give is made:
·   Pearl’s Revenue and Expense report reflects the income or expense at the time it’s recognized.  
·   The Balance Sheet reflects the correct payables and receivables without making additional journal entries.
·   When the grants are disbursed or the gift is actually received, Pearl will use the payable and receivable accounts to record the transactions appropriately.


The Grants Payable/Gifts Receivable functionality is part of a soon-to-be-released update. As usual, there is no cost to receiving the updated programs.However, the help to add the accrual structure and to convert data that is necessary to use this feature is billable as new work at your regular hourly rate.  For more information or to request an estimate, please contact Karen Bromelkamp at 612-767-6701 x11 or


What to do to prepare:
Attend this live, interactive class from your office with only an internet connection and a telephone. Click here for detailed instructions on participating in our webinars. 


Karen began her career as a consulting team member with Bromelkamp Company in July of 1992. AsConsulting Team Coordinator she ensures service level standards and client satisfaction, facilitates new project assignment, and monitors the workloads of the consulting team. Karen serves as a  resource and advocate for the consulting team in their efforts to deliver well-designed, on-budget, on-time software solutions to our clients.
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