Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

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Essential Training - A session specifically for users who haven't yet received formal training.  It covers all the basics you need to start using First Pearl or Community Pearl.  If you are a daily user doing data entry, running reports, and/or merging letters - this class is for you.

Basic Queries, Reports and Merge Letters - Learn how to create new simple reports or merge letters, or how to modify existing ones.  We will discuss basic query expressions and functions, and basic query criteria including simple parameters.  We will demonstrate the use of the report wizard as a starting point for reports.  We will cover simple merge letters including how to update the database with the date the letter was sent.

Manage Your Work with Queries - Often you just need an answer to a question, not a full-blown printed report.  In this class we'll discuss how a query can give you an answer.  We'll also show you how a query can change a group of records together and do many other time-saving tasks.

Advanced Reports and Merge Letters - A detailed exploration and orientation into advanced topics.  Covers how to make parameter prompts more powerful.  Will also show how to extract complex totals with crosstab queries, gather data from complex table structures (domain aggregate functions), and combine multiple systems (union queries.)  We will cover how these unique queries can be used by reports.  Will also discuss advanced features available in Merge Letters.

Changing the Database - You're now ready to make bigger changes to your database.  This class will teach you how to add or change fields, and how to maximize functionality of your forms, including special field types and use of subtables. You'll be able to create a new system in Pearl when you're done.  

Database Administrator Training - Who is the Database Administrator?  The staff person maintaining the components of the database, monitoring the use of the database, installing updates and much more.  He or she also works with the Bromelkamp Company Technical Team to coordinate creative and effective database solutions.  Learn more about what it takes to be an effective database manager, and how to keep your database accurate and secure.

Executive Training - A special class for users who want to look up information for reference, or run quick reports.  Ideal for Executive Directors and Program Officers.  Learn how to access vital organizational information in "English" without the technical jargon.  Look up names and numbers, add Events as they happen, and keep up to speed on your grants management activities.  

Accounting Principles 101 -  Learn enough standard accounting practices to understand Debits and Credits as well as Assets, Liabilities, Net Assets, Revenues and Expenditures. 

Accounting Training - Get an overview of basic accounting principles, and then learn how to enter transactions, how to edit and post them individually or in batches, as well as how to get detailed information from reports. Will also cover integration with Grants Management and Fundraising systems and how to initiate new Funds.

Advanced Accounting Training - Learn how to use advanced features such as Bank Reconciliation,  Payroll/Employee Tracking, Budget System, Joint Investment Income Allocation and Fund Fee Assessment, Spendable Allotment, and Batch Payment Transfer.  

Loan Tracking Training - Learn how to use our powerful Loan Tracking system including how to enter new loans including loans with special terms such as interest-only periods, variable interest rates, etc.  Learn how to track payments including late payments, partial payments, or advance payments.  Find out about Pearl's Loan Amortization report and other standard reports.

Fundraising Training - Orientation to the functions and features of Pearl, specifically focusing on Donor and Gift tracking that make up the Fundraising component.  Basic training on related reports and merge letters.

Security Training - Learn how to set up and administer the built-in Access Security on objects such as tables, queries, forms and reports.  Also learn to use Pearl's security to lock individual fields or records, either by user or dynamically.

Essential eGRANT Training - Learn both the administrative and user interfaces, as well as some Best Practices for managing your eGRANT process.  Will also discuss options for re-designing your application form to take advantage of capabilities of eGRANT.

Mining Your Data - Pearl can help you work smarter and faster.  In this workshop you will learn queries that will make your workday less stressful by providing quick answers to daily questions.

Making the Most of Your Merge Letters - You can zip through a big mailing project when your merge letters and Pearl work together.  Review of the mechanics of setting up a merge letter and learn troubleshooting techniques to use when problems arise.

Undiscovered Pearl - Learn about the tools and shortcuts in Pearl that you didn’t know existed.  We’ll tell you about time-saving shortcuts, new features in the latest version of Pearl, and other hot topics.

Mailing Label Basics - Learn how to use the label wizard to create label reports for easy mailings and other uses.

Friendly Filters - Speed up your day by using filters on your forms to access information quickly.  We'll show you how to increase the power of your reports and merge letters with filters, too.

Pearl Companions - We'll explain how you can extend the functionality of Pearl by taking advantage of a number of companion pieces to Pearl.

Integrating Pearl and Microsoft Office - Send an email to a group of Contacts, export annual report data to a Word document, and import a mailing list from an Excel Spreadsheet.  Learn how to take advantage of Pearl's foundation in Microsoft Access to link to other programs.

Pearl and the Web - How can the Internet change the way you interact with grantees, donors, and your constituents?  What can online grantmaking do for you?  What are the advantages and pitfalls of moving all or part of your grantmaking process to the Web?  How can you web enable Pearl?  Our conversation will ask these questions of Bromelkamp staff and clients who have taken the online path.

Who changed my data? - You’ve got many people who use Pearl to track widely different programs and grantees within your organization.  Everyone needs a unique report, letter or form.  In this user group, we will discuss the challenges of managing conflicting interests, needs and goals in a multi-user environment.  Communication, security and interaction with Bromelkamp staff will be among the topics explored.