Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Dan Brabec, Developer


Dan came to Bromelkamp Company in 2018 through a blind stroke of luck. After years of writing software to help large companies make more and more money, Dan was looking for something a little different and brought his talents to the Bromelkamp family, or Bromily to help organizations give money away. His career experiences run the gamut of software development from front end to back, in industries ranging from food service and health care to energy trading and mortgage servicing.

Dan grew up in a small town in east central Minnesota and took advantage of the opportunity to participate in all sorts of extracurricular activities. He played three sports while acting in as many school plays and musicals (and community theater productions) as possible, playing trombone in multiple school bands and singing in multiple musical groups, and also participating on the school’s speech and knowledge bowl teams and helping arrange an a cappella group of friends from school.

Dan went on to St. John's University in Collegeville, MN, where he earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Theater. He enjoyed working with classmates on both electronic and artistic creations and fondly remembers spending mornings in the classroom, afternoons in the computer lab working on projects, and evenings at rehearsal in the theater. 

Dan married his wife, Sara, in 2006 and together they are raising three beautiful and quirky children, Ben, Ellie, and Nick, and their puppy, Dobby (Harry Potter fans in the family, for sure). Dan enjoys spending time with them and chasing them around to their activities, traveling (even bringing the kids along occasionally), playing all sorts of games from cards to board games to sports, and would love to find the time to get back on stage!