Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology



"I bet there's an easier/faster way to ..."

"This report would be even better if ..."

"What are all these queries/reports for?"


When you are using Pearl, if you find yourself having any of the above thoughts, then it may be time for a Database Tune-up. Regularly installing our FREE Pearl updates automatically provides you with many new features, but your database still requires regular maintenance to run efficiently. As your needs change, Pearl should be adapted to work the way you do, and to facilitate your use of Pearl's newest features. Let our database consultants 'look under the hood' and identify ways Pearl can improve your efficiency and save you time and money. Our database consultants will ask "why are you doing it this way" and "did you know you could..."?

Improve Performance and Eliminate Database Clutter

  • Evaluate form design and layout to improve efficiency in data entry
  • Find and eliminate duplicate records
  • Identify and remove unused fields, codes, tables and queries
  • Learn about more efficient procedures and best use of automation
  • Speed up reports, letters, or forms
  • Eliminate warnings indicated during Prepare All Objects or during regular database usage

Identify the Old and Implement the New

  • Learn about processes and features that are new or improved but have not yet been implemented at your site
  • Receive recommendations on Companion products that would save you time and money

Make Pearl Work the Way You Work

  • Receive recommendations on desired customizations
  • Discuss your process and adapt Pearl to the way you work.

You have invested in a customizable system; call us if it's time to capitalize on your investment. To learn more, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our office at (877) 767-6701 x3.

Is this work covered by our monthly maintenance fee?

No, it's "new work." It's optional, but highly recommended. You usually will recoup your investment in efficiency improvements.

What is the average cost?

That's one of those things that's impossible to answer because everyone's database is a different age, make and model, and each has experienced a different level of ongoing maintenance. The cost of just the evaluation part is really up to you. The minimum amount that would result in a useful set of recommendations is probably about 10 hours, which includes the list of recommendations and the cost for each. Then you can prioritize and pick and choose which ones you want to work on first. So It's about $1600 to get a good set of recommendations, and then you can take it from there.