Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

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Put the web to work with our flexible and efficient online grant and scholarship application software. Configure it to administer the entire grant and scholarship cycle, your way, including review. Use it with any data management software. Tailor it to your foundation's "look." Improve service and reduce costs with  View or download our brochures:; Bromelkamp Company.



Software That Works the Way You Do

  • Eliminate paper and streamline the complete process online (letter of intent, application, revisions, review, interim and final reports, etc.)
  • Conduct reviews entirely online with Reviewer
  • Receive scholarship references and transcripts electronically without student handling
  • Collect attachments as digital files, including multimedia
  • Employ branch logic to change form based on prior answers
  • Enhance two-way communication and service to applicants and reviewers
  • Pay a flat rate per year and no per submission fees
  • Reduce unqualified requests with eligibility quiz
  • Reduce data entry and increase accuracy by exporting data directly into your core database
  • Prevent run-on answers with field size limits
  • Improve completeness with required fields
  • Increase data consistency by checking the format of numbers and dates
  • Reduce publication, duplication, collation, and distribution costs


For the Applicant  

  • Tailor pages based on responses using branch logic
  • Attach any type of document, spreadsheet, image, etc.
  • Allow multiple contributors on the application content
  • Retain previous application data
  • Easy jump to funding guidelines
  • Character counts, validation, and required fields
  • Save work midstream to finish later
  • Easy access to online help text
  • SSL security protects sensitive information
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smegrant3 Budget smegrant4 Scholarship

For the Administrator

  • Customize messages to applicants
  • Define screen content
  • Set help text for applicants
  • Manage user accounts and reset passwords
  • Manage application process: monitor application status, send bulk emails, download applications and advance applications through phases
  • Administer application settings: change deadlines, open and close grant cycles, update guidelines, and set program contact information
smegrant5 Edit Applications

Application Status Tracking 

smegrant6 Manage Applications
  • Post customized status updates
  • Remind applicants of approaching deadlines
  • Save time and money in your communications
  • Increase efficiency in your grant life cycle

With Reviewer (optional)

  • Enable thorough application review online anytime and anywhere
  • Customize reviewer and applicant groups, set timelines, and customize help text
  • Improve scoring consistency with weighted criteria and percentiles
  • Reduce bias by limiting access to other reviewer comments
  • Post staff comment and attachments
smegrant7 Manage Review Groups

For the Reviewer

With Reviewer (optional)

  • Review applications online, anytime and anywhere
  • Reduce confusion and misplaced papers with the comprehensive online applicant record
  • Easily rank and weigh applicants against specific review criteria, and include comments or recommended amount
smegrant8 Review Assignments smegrant9 Review an Application 

Other Options

Ask us about these optional additions to Builder allows you to make changes to grant applications and add grant types on your own. With Builder, you have full access to the functions that we use to create and change applications. Moderator supports real-time review and scoring sessions, which is especially needed by those who are reviewing applications that include video or images. It includes the ability to control what is viewed and for how long with the option to advance highest-scoring applications to a subsequent round.


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