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Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

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Why Trust Our Insight?

experiencechartAt Bromelkamp Company not only do the employees have countless years of experience in technology they have 78 years of experience doing what you do. When these two attributes are combined your success is insured.

For 35 years, Bromelkamp Company has been providing grant makers and community lenders with data management technology and expertise. We have guided them through many changes in technology - the proliferation of Microsoft, the rapid adoption of personal computers, the onset of wireless technologies and now web-based solutions and portable devices. We have also seen much change in the marketplace with mergers, acquisitions and consolidations abounding. We have remained a steady, expert presence in gear-headthis marketplace. Our experience, tenure and deep commitment to this business are the basis of our expertise.


Recent INSIGHTS from Bromelkamp Company:

BLOG: Welcome to our Bromelkamp Blog!

As part of Bromelkamp Company, LLC's commitment to outstanding service and deep commitment to your ongoing success, we have created a series of Bromelkamp educational GEMS, which are compiled together in this blog/resource library to help foundations of all types and sizes understand how software technology can help further their organization's purpose. You can register to receive these GEMS periodically via email, and/or view them here.  

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WHITE PAPER: Making the Right CRM Investment

Making the Right CRM Investment

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have a multitude of valuable features, from robust relationship tracking to automated workflows, plus endless options for third-party integration. However, most CRM systems are not designed for grantmakers, which can make the process of selecting an appropriate system for your foundation more complicated. Understanding the possibilities, how to implement them for your unique organization and the associated costs can be an overwhelming task. 

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TOOLS: Tip Sheet

Is Online Software Right For Your Foundation?

Whether you are deep into the process of finding new grant management software solutions or you're just getting started, we understand the importance of making informed decisions. That is why we created this series of nine Bromelkamp GEMS that you will receive via email over the next several weeks.

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CASE STUDY: CPA-Approved Software

Fund Accounting Software Gets CPA Stamp of Approval

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to try to solve a problem with the wrong tools; perhaps no one knows this more than accountants. Community foundations have especially unique accounting requirements, but software solutions that do a great job of grants management and fundraising don't always meet the accounting and fund management standards of CPAs and auditors. Bromelkamp Company's community foundation solutions Community Pearl and Community address this discrepancy with systems that integrate oustanding foundation database tools with fund accounting software designed specifically for community foundations. A complete cash management, general ledger, accounts payable/receivable system coupled with configurable investment allocation, spendable allotment and fund administrative fee assessment tools means you can have a system that your CPA will love.

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Henry A. Bromelkamp has engaged many professionals with his presentations. These educational seminars or webcasts are a great way to serve association members and/or educate your staff. With 40 years of experience in technology and philanthropy, Henry, founder and president of Bromelkamp Company, offers unparalleled perspectives and experience as a subject matter expert and conversation facilitator. He uses his vast experience to facilitate an understandable and memorable discussion.  Read more ...

GEMS Series Registration

Whether you are deep into the process of finding new grant management software solutions or you're just getting started, we understand the importance of making informed decisions. That is why we created this series of nine Bromelkamp GEMS. They are intended as a set of educational tools designed to keep you informed about industry trends, benefits and risks of software solutions, and insights from your peer foundations. GEMS include tip sheets, case studies, white papers, blog postings, and presentations.

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