Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Fund Accounting Software Gets CPA Stamp of Approval

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to try to solve a problem with the wrong tools; perhaps no one knows this more than accountants. Community foundations have especially unique accounting requirements, but software solutions that do a great job of grants management and fundraising don't always meet the accounting and fund management standards of CPAs and auditors. Bromelkamp Company's community foundation solutions Community Pearl and Community address this discrepancy with systems that integrate oustanding foundation database tools with fund accounting software designed specifically for community foundations. A complete cash management, general ledger, accounts payable/receivable system coupled with configurable investment allocation, spendable allotment and fund administrative fee assessment tools means you can have a system that your CPA will love.

Small Foundation Staff Makes a Big Impact with Integrated Technology

Over time, the operations and grantmaking of the McGregor Fund continually evolved until it outgrew the capacity of their database system. In order to increase efficiency and support a paperless grant process, a new technology solution was needed. After a thorough investigation of multiple software options, the McGregor Fund selected First and integrated grants management and application systems. Now, the McGregor staff happily utilizes the powerful and integrated workflow features of First to maximize staff output and increase efficiency. With, the application process is more streamlined and accurate. These features, coupled with the flexibility of First and, will support the changing needs of the McGregor Fund for years to come.

Technology That Meets High-Volume Scholarship Needs

Using an online application tool for scholarships is an improvement on a paper-based application. Adding on-line review to complete the process can save your foundation time and money. For the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, their challenge was finding a system that could both handle their high volume of scholarship applications and allow them to manage their scoring and review process. With 2200 annual applications, they needed a fast and reliable solution. They looked to Bromelkamp Company, who recommended a move to First for online review to complement their application. 

Improved Application Process Increases Student Scholarship Eligibility

Paper grant or scholarship application processes can be tedious and time consuming. In addition, the disqualification rate may increase due to complexity or because of missing information. For the Branch County Community Foundation, 40% of scholarship applications were disqualified, and administrators spent more than 120 hours processing them. They decided the best way to serve these students was to adopt a paperless application process.

Flexible Community Foundation Software to Manage Complex Processes

Completely Integrated Software for Community Foundations: Check!

When the Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation began shopping for integrated software, they created a list of must haves. They knew that they wanted a solution that would streamline fund accounting and gift management.