Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

When Scraps of Paper and Your Memory Are Not Enough

Where is that grocery store receipt where I jotted the name of that plumber Mary recommended?

Do you remember when Uncle Ron's birthday is?

Why do I have this crumpled napkin with a phone number on it?

Did you forgot to record that in the checkbook?

Has George paid us for his share of the wedding gift yet?

If questions like these are common in your household, you may already realize that ineffective recording and tracking of information can result in a chaotic home.

Plenty of foundations also experience disorder with contact information stored in a variety of places and disconnected from their funds. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Donor prospect information is found in a board members' personal email contact list, on scraps of paper stuck to the computer monitor and/or in a pile of business cards stored in a pencil drawer.
  • Fund contributions and distributions are tracked on a spreadsheet – at least some of the time, or tracked in the accounting ledger, or maybe in the memo field of the bank transaction?
  • Most of the information about donors, grants and fund activity is stored in the memory banks of board members or with the executive director who plans to retire in 18 months.

Like a chaotic household, random and disconnected contact and fund information can result in ineffective community foundation management. Data that is not organized and integrated makes it difficult to connect donors and grant recipients to funds. It is also a challenge to track and report, analyze and accurately measure gains and losses, or fairly allocate earnings to individual funds.

There is help for this disconnectedness. Like a personal organizer who comes into your home and sets up new systems and processes to help create a well-run household, software designed specifically for foundations will help community foundations manage donor relations, management of grants and fund accounting.

Read how Rush County Community Foundation stopped relying on scraps of information and their memories and turned their disorderly workplace into a well-run office with the help of an integrated software solution.

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