Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

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Provide up-to-the minute fund information to donors and/or fund trustees with 24/7 access via They can determine and produce their most meaningful results, thus reducing the need for paper statements. They can also make grant recommendations online. integrates with your foundation's current website and works with our Community and Community Pearl products, FIMS*, and other integrated foundation management software.

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Online Fund Statements Improve Donor Service

  • Provide secure access to up-to-date fund information 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Eliminate paper statements, reducing duplication and distribution costs
  • Allow donors to specify financial periods, such as their own fiscal year or quarter
  • Optionally consolidate fund statements for affiliate or family fund groups
  • Provide detailed transaction information for any revenue or expenditure category
  • Accept online donor grant recommendations

  • Integrate with your current web site
  • Use with Community Pearl, FIMS*, or other database software
  • Concise overview of the financial status of your fund
  • Indication of date range for data available
  • Self select date range of data displayed
  • Available fund grouping for affilates and family fund groups

  • Donor recommendation form available
  • Drill down to details for any summary line includes dates, amounts and names
  • Contributions list downloads to MSExcel spreadsheet for ease of use
  • Summary and all levels of detail are printer friendly
  • Foundation specific branding
  • Contact information for the foundation

*FIMS is a product of MicroEdge


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