Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Fund Accounting: What You Need to Know 

Minneapolis, MN; September 28, 2016: Bromelkamp Company's integrated software solutions for community foundations include built-in functionality that automate the four unique features required of true "fund accounting." Small to mid-size foundations often begin maintaining their fund accounting activities using Excel or QuickBooks, though as they grow so too does the complex nature of their transactions. With nearly forty years' experience, Bromelkamp Company has offered an integrated software solution that can produce up-to-date and correct fund balances at a moment's notice. If you're a foundation CEO, CFO, or Finance Committee member and want to know the secret to having complete confidence in your finance and fund statements, join Henry A. Bromelkamp for the webinar "Four Things to Teach Your Accountant," on September 29th at 1:00 pm (CT).

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Bromelkamp Company Hosts Annual Learning Academy 

Minneapolis, MN; August 5, 2016: In partnership with Indiana Philanthropy Alliance, Bromelkamp Company is hosting its annual Learning Academy on August 9-11, 2016. THe 2016 Academy will be held an hour south of Indianapolis in Seymour, Indiana, at the Jackson County Learning Center. The three day learning opportunity includes a selection of classes for all levels of experience, including learning tracks for finance, program, executive, administrative and fundraising staff. This year's traditional evening networking event will be hosted by The Community Foundation of Jackson County at their offices in Seymour. To round out the Annual Academy, President Henry A. Bromelkamp will facilitate a discussion on cloud computing during the annual keynote address on Wednesday, August 10th. 

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Bromelkamp Company LLC Foundation Awards Three Grants Targeting Literacy 

Minneapolis, MN; June 30, 2016: The Bromelkamp Foundation is a program at Bromelkamp Company LLC established with two primary goals: 1) To be responsive to the nonprofit needs of our employees' communities; and 2) Provide a valuable grantmakers learning opportunity to Bromelkamp staff. The Bromelkamp Foundation serves non-profits in the communities where Bromelkamp Company employees live and work, which include counties in Minnesota, Michigan, Ohion, and North Carolina. The Foundation was pleased to award $1,000 each to this year's recipients: LDA Minnesota for the Learning Connections program, the GMCC/Division of Indian Work for the Agindaasodaa! (Let's Read) Program, and the Lyndale Neighborhood Association for the Horn Towers ESL Pilot Project.

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Still Taking Notes on Paper? Use your database tools to save time, money, and paper! 

Minneapolis, MN; May 31, 2016: In the age of the smart phone, technology is ever present in our daily lives. Staying connected through technology provides us with the opportunity and convenience to manage tasks and communicate from anywhere at any time. Foundation leaders, who frequently find themselves out of the office, whether attending collaborative meetings aimed at improving current social issues or meeting with community stakeholders and leaders to raise funds for grant making, need the ability to work from remote locations. For those reasons, the creation of a paperless office is not only about doing away with file cabinets that warehouse paper files and documents, it's about increasing efficiency and enabling foundation staff to work from anywhere. 

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Bromelkamp Company Implements Creative Solution for the Grand Rapids Community Foundation 

Minneapolis, MN; April 28, 2016: Grand Rapids Community Foundation boasts a rich history of grantmaking in West Michigan. Recently, the foundation set out to improve the scholarship program application and approval process through innovation and technology. They began by implementing Bromelkamp Company's with Reviewer. After two scholarship season, the team at Grand Rapids Community Foundation collaborated with Bromelkamp's staff to further improve their process. In order to provide an enchanced review process with additional functionality, a customized system was designed and implemented, bridging their scholarship applications with First for review.

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