Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

CRM: It's All About Relationships

Minneapolis, MN; January 31, 2018: Grants management systems have existed for several decades, but many have not evolved beyond the routine tasks of recording and processing transactions. The latest available technologies not only allow one to manage transactions, but also document and help cultivate relationships with grantees, collaborators, donors, and other stakeholders. For years,Bromelkamp Company LLC has been recognized as a leading provider of integrated software for foundations and grantmakers. Many know the leaders and consultants of Bromelkamp Company also bring years of expertise as grantmakers and thought leaders. In addition, Bromelkamp Company product developers recognize that the evolution of software function depends on the demands of the end user who today are focused on better tracking all matters related to donors, grant seekers, and community actors.

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Foundation Awards 2017 Grants to Organizations Serving the Homeless

Minneapolis, MN; December 29, 2017: The Bromelkamp Foundation is a program Bromelkamp Company LLC established with two primary goals: 1) To be responsive to the nonprofit needs of our employees' communities; and 2) Provide a valuable grantmaking learning opportunity to Bromelkamp staff. The Foundation keeps the company connected to the work of its clients through an annual grant process, and serves nonprofits in the communities where Bromelkamp Company employees live and work, which includes counties in Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and California. The Foundation was pleased to award $1500 each to this year's recipients: SafeZone/Face to Face, and House of Charity.

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Foundation Opens 2017 Grant Season 

Minneapolis, MN; September 29, 2017: The Bromelkamp Foundation readies for the 2017 grant season, where a maximum of $1,500 will be granted this fall. The focus this year is homelessness; eligible programs seek to improve quality of life for those affected by homelessness, which can include food banks, shelters, job training or housing assistance. Maddie Hallberg, 2017 Program Officer, states, "I look forward to learning about the programs of our employees' communities that endeavor to end the cycle of homelessness while also utilizing Bromelkamp's software to immerse myself in the end-user experience." The 2017 grant cycle opens on October 2 and the deadline for submissions is November 3rd. For more information on how to apply, visit:  

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Now Is the Time! Move From Installed to Cloud-Based Software 

Minneapolis, MN; August 31, 2017: Foundations and grantmakers who utilize an integrated software package for their work easily recognize the value proposition. They work quicker, they have easy access to data to analyze their grantmaking or endowment growth, and they can track relationships and share information without ever printing a paper report. This type of software has been available for decades, what's new is the ability to use the latest technology from the cloud. No server needed, just the internet. 

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Bromelkamp Company LLC: First Class Software and Service 

Minneapolis, MN; June 30, 2017: As a leading provider of installed and online grants management software solutions, Bromelkamp Company continuously delivers on its promise to stay connected to the field of grantmaking, committed to excellent service, and provide creative technology solutions. Through regular communication and networking sessions, Bromelkamp's team stays aware of best practices and identifies opportunities to improve function to meet the needs of clients. With nearly 40 years of experience, Bromelkamp Company maintains its leadership in the field by employing experienced professionals from philanthropy, nonprofit, and technology sectors. With two recent additions to the team, Bromelkamp Company continues its mission to stay connected, committed, and creative.

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